About Us

The USA Quality Tax team is comprised of the best of the best in terms of tax account executives to evaluate your situation, as well as tax attorney, CPA´s, and EA.

The following is a summary of the team:


The management of the company has personal experience for over 14 years with resolving financial matters for individuals and small businesses. They also have personal experience resolving large and complex 7-figure tax liabilities, resolving tax audits, as well handling numerous other tax resolutions. They have personal experience in resolving numerous mistakes the IRS has made and getting fines waived, penalties reduced, and negotiating resolutions to numerous situations.

The common theme in every one of the resolutions was that it was very complex working with the IRS and State taxing authorities, it took a very large amount of time, the taxing authorities do make mistakes, and many CPA/tax firms also do. As a result, USA Quality Tax was founded to provide the highest in its class service to help people with resolutions that are quality, as well as to provide the long term and understanding support to bring the greatest amount of peace of mind in the process of resolving tax issues.

Tax Account Executives

Our Tax Account Executives are your initial point of contact and will help evaluate your situation, gain information about your tax liabilities and recommend the best course of action.

Case Managers

Your friendly case managers are your daily point of contact for questions and who will be helping ensure that you understand and can easily complete the needed information so that the Tax Attorney, Enrolled Agent, and CPA team can resolve your tax issue as quickly as possible. In addition, our case managers understand the stress of tax issues and are here to bring you greater peace of mind while your resolution is being finalized and to ensure that each and every one of your questions is quickly and accurately answered.

Tax Attorney Team

Our lead Tax Attorney has a Master of Law in Taxation and is also a licensed CPA. She is passionate about helping people resolve their tax issues and have the peace of mind that people deserve.

Enrolled Agent Team

Our lead Enrolled Agent was a former Tax Auditor and Revenue Special Agent. She realized over time that most taxpayers did not understand the tax law, and decided that, instead of working against them, she would work for them to help them resolve their tax issues in the best manner possible.  

CPA Team

Our lead tax resolution CPA is a licensed CPA and has a Master’s Degree in Accounting. He began his career at Ernst & Young. His speciality is solving IRS and State tax issues.

Bookkeeping Team

Our bookkeeping team is extremely experienced in ensuring that all payments are processed on time, and reconciliation is done precisely.