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Looking For Tax Preparation Assistance?

Our team of CPA’s and ex-IRS agents/employees/field officers follow a proven process to identify every possible exemption that you and/or your business may qualify for. Then based on that, we gather all pertinent information and prepare your tax returns with the utmost in detailed attention. We have numerous in-house proprietary checklists to ensure that your returns are done right, the first time.

Do You Want To Resolve Past Tax Obligations?

If you owe taxes and are unable to pay or feel that what is being asked is incorrect, our team of ex-IRS agents, Enrolled Agents and, as needed, tax attorneys help to remedy the situation. There are various programs you may qualify for, such as an installment agreement, partial payment installment agreement, offer in compromise, currently non collectible, or other. Often, the letter or phone call you received from the IRS or State is the tip of the iceberg and we need to do a full review of the situation so that the problem is cured once and for all.


Need Audit Defense?

An audit is one of the most stressful tax situations. However, when you are guided by a skilled team with experience dealing with practically every situation, things go much smoother. We can help.

Do You Need Bookkeeping Assistance?

Our skilled team has resources to assist. Contact us for a free evaluation.

Why Choose Us

  • 16+ years experience.
  • Work with Qualified Tax Professionals (Including EA, Tax Attorney and CPAs).
  • Be advised on which are your best options.
  • Member of NATP.
  • Member of Online Business Bureau OBB.
  • Member of ASTPS.
  • Written Money Back Guarantee for Investigation Phase.
  • Written Money Back Guarantee for Resolution Phase.

What Client’s Say

…I talked to many people, but only Maurice (Senior Tax Account Executive) drew my confidence. Maurice took his time and explained everything in detail. The communication process was excellent …
Earl H., Mansfield, TX

I’d like to thank The Company and specifically their representative, Allan Smith for helping me through a very challenging and nerve wracking decision.

Dorothy R., Sussex County, NJ

Zach did a great job explaining everything to me. He was very pleasant and professional.

Elaine R, N. Ft Myers, FL